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Want your kids to make music with joy?

Join us in this online class and…

  • Learn simple ways to help your child gain ownership, joy and mastery in music.

  • Discover how to deal with resistance and inspire kids to practice.

Starting in September!


Barbie Wong offers a variety of programs


Learn how to nurture your child’s musical development so that they become musical and passionate about music.


Barbie works with teachers to help them motivate students and work in harmony with parents.

About Barbie Wong

Barbie is a music educator,  parent, and speaker who believes that everyone has the capacity to learn music. She has taught over 400 parents and music teachers, writes a blog called Musical Nest and is a certified Suzuki piano teacher.

Barbie has music degrees from Stanford University and Smith College and is especially passionate about teaching parents how to raise joyful, musical children.




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