Current Students

Barbie Wong Music Studio offers a variety of programs to engage, encourage, and enrich students’ musical experiences.


Students are invited to perform in formal recitals, music parties, and community outreach to senior citizens.

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Students participate in the Suzuki method, which emphasizes character development, beautiful tone, and quality technique.

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The Certificate of Merit is a series of evaluations sponsored by the Music Teachers Association of California.

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General Guidelines

1)  Parent Participation
One parent must attend the weekly lesson so that practicing at home will be successful. Please be fully present during the lesson and take notes so that you know how to help your child at home. In today’s busy world, your child’s weekly lesson is a special time for you to enjoy your child’s musical development and music-making. Please put away your phone so that you can spend these valuable moments with your child. This article explains how parent participation can result in successful music-making.

2)  Practicing

  • Students must practice every day.
  • The more students practice, the more they improve, and the more motivated they are to play. When a student only practices a few times a week or for only a few minutes at a time, they don’t see improvement and thus become discouraged. Perspiration leads to inspiration.
  • Young children will need a parent’s help and encouragement with daily practicing.
  • Practice in a well-lit area, away from distractions.
  • Make sure the instrument is well-tuned before playing. Pianos must be tuned every 6-12 months. ‘Ukuleles must be tuned every time before playing.
  • Fingernails must be well-trimmed at all times. Establish a routine to trim them once a week.
  • Read all assignments carefully so that practice is effective and efficient. Students who practice as instructed progress quickly and develop more confidence and motivation.

3)  Communication
Success in playing an instrument requires open communication between the teacher, parent, and student. I solicit feedback once a year in the form of an evaluation.  However, I encourage students and parents to contact me with any questions or problems as soon as they arise.

"Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart."

Shinichi Suzuki

4)  Celebrations
Students perform in 2-3 formal recitals a year. Recitals are wonderful opportunities for students to master their pieces and perform for an audience. Students also perform regularly for one another throughout the year during group lessons. These informal recitals give students a chance to practice performing  in a more intimate environment.

5)  Summer Piano
In place of lessons during the summer, piano students may attend 2 events at the Suzuki Institute at Holy Names University. These may include master classes, group lessons, concerts, or observations.

6)  Tuition
Tuition is paid by semester: Fall (August – January) and Spring (February – June). Late tuition incurs a fee of $10 per day.

7)  Absences & Make-up Lessons
If you will be absent, please let me know ahead of time. There are no make-up lessons for private or group lessons. Unlike a hairdresser, I cannot sell a weekly lesson slot to another person.


2020 – 20121

Fall Semester Begins                                       August 28​​​

​Fall Music Party                                                  November 2

Thanksgiving Break (No Lessons)                November 25-29

Winter Break (No Lessons)                             December 23 – January 3

Fall Semester Ends​                                            January 8

Spring Semester Begins                                  January 15

No Lessons                                                           January 29

Ski Week (No Lessons)                                      February 17 – 21

​Winter Recital                                                      March 7

​Spring Break (No Lessons)                               March 30 – April 3 

Spring Recital                                                      TBA

Spring Semester Ends                                       June 10

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