Online ‘Ukulele Classes

Playing the ‘ukulele is a fun, creative activity that everyone can enjoy.

Barbie makes it easy, engaging, and exciting to learn online.

Begin your musical journey today!


Each live class includes

  • Fun songs that students can choose from
  • Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow
  • Personal feedback for each student
  • Access to an ‘ukulele song library
  • Recordings of each class
  • A variety of strumming and plucking techniques
  • Creativity, growth, and laughter
“I really enjoyed playing ‘ukulele with Ms. Barbie. I liked the different ways she made playing an instrument fun. She was alway very nice and patient when learning new songs. This was a really great experience and I love playing the ‘ukulele.”

- Olivia, student age 11

Classes for 2021

Kids ‘Ukulele Group Class for Seasoned Beginners

recommended for ages 8-12

This live, online ‘ukulele class is for students who have a basic grasp of playing the ‘ukulele and want to take it to the next level. We will explore different strumming and plucking techniques and how to coordinate singing while playing the ‘ukulele through a variety of songs. Students will also learn how to improvise and compose. Students will also receive feedback on their playing. Maximum 8 students.

Requirements: Students must be able to play the C, G7, F, and Am chords easily. Students also need their own ‘ukulele.

10-Week Live Online Session 

Starting in Fall 2021


‘Ukulele 101 for Adult Beginners

In this live online class we will cover the basics of playing the ‘ukulele so that you can begin to play songs right away. You will learn different right-hand strumming techniques and left-hand chord shapes with step-by-step. By the end of our time together, all students will be able to play the C, F, G, and Am chords, play a variety of strums, and be ready to explore a vast array of songs. No previous musical experience necessary. Maximum 10 students.

Requirements: an ‘ukulele (soprano, concert, or tenor size)

Each class will be recorded.

4-Week Live Online Session

Thursdays 5/27 to 6/17

4:30-5:30pm PST / 7:30-8:30pm EST

Tuition: $65

The Beatles Strum-Along

Learn your favorite Beatles songs on the ‘ukulele! Join us for an hour of engaging ‘ukulele fun as Barbie Wong teaches you the strums and chords to Beatles songs such as “Let It Be” and “Eight Days a Week.” She will show you a variety of strums, guide you through the tricky spots and help you bring life to each song. This event is for all ages.

When you sign up, you will be given the sheet music to the songs along with the chords and strums.

Being able to play the C, F, G or G7 and Am chords really helps. Most of the songs include these chords plus a few extras.

Live Online Class
Recording available afterwards

Saturday June 12

10am PST / 1pm EST

Household members welcome

Upcoming Classes

80’s Strum-Along

90’s Strum-Along

Beginning ‘Ukulele Class for Adults

“If everyone played the ‘ukulele, the world would be a better place.”

- Jake Shimabukuro



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