Raising a child is hard enough.
Raising a child to be musical can be even harder.
I’ve been there.
I know that it can be difficult.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Having taught over 200 students and raised two vivacious children of my own, I discovered that parents are the key component to a child’s musical success.

Music teachers see a child for only 30-60 minutes a week.
The remaining 100+ hours of a child’s waking life are
in the hands of the parent.

Most parents want to help but don’t know how.

If you want your child to make music for life,

come to a workshop,

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"Making music & practicing does not have to be a struggle.
In fact, it can be simple, natural, and fun for parents and children."

Take a Parent Class

and discover…

how to create a musical home

when your child should begin lessons

what instrument to choose

how to help your child with practicing

how to awaken your child’s desire to make music

a deeper connection with your child

simple things you can do starting now

“Barbie, thank you so much for your amazing class! Since I took your class, we are practicing longer and enjoying our time together.”

– Chloe Park, parent

Playing with Joy – Level 1

This class is for anyone who wants to set a strong musical foundation for their child…and ensure that music-making is joyful and fun.

We will cover these topics:

  • Growing fun & the language of music
  • How to get the most out of music lessons 
  • Motivation and what really works with kids 
  • Practice tips for joyful music-making

“Your class has positively rocked my world and it has changed my relationship with my young pianist in a happier way!”

– Sue Lee, parent and music teacher

Playing with Joy – Level 2

This class is for those who have taken Level 1 and want to enhance their ability with raising joyful, musical children.

We will cover these topics:

  • Resistance and how to navigate it skillfully and mindfully
  • Making practicing more magical and meaningful
  • Working with music teachers for inspired music-making
  • Practice tips and creative solutions to tough problems

“I came away with so much from Barbie’s course. She focused in on important points, giving real-world examples and bringing fresh perspectives. The course helped me remain calm through difficult practice sessions and keep the big picture in mind.”

– Hillary Nordwell, parent and music teacher

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