Student Compositions

Daisies on the Left by Sierra, age 5

Harfies by Sierra, age 5

Romance in C by Mike, age 57

Owls by Sierra, age 5


These video & audio clips aid students with their practicing

Au Claire de la Lune

    1) Measure 1, RH:  Roll on repeated notes

    2) Measures 11-12, RH:  Keep fingers together when playing each note

Calling All Angels

    1) Chorus, RH:  use precise fingering as in the video

Chariots of Fire

    1) Bridge, HT 


    1) Wrist circles, LH:  Move wrists in a circle, making sure the movement is fluid

    2) First note, RH:  Keep pinky curved and move wrist up when you play this note

    3) Measures 1-3, HT:  Play each  note slowly and accurately, keeping fingers curved

Deck the Halls

    1) C major, RH:  use the specific fingering

    2) D major, HT


    1) LH chords--C minor & G major:  Play these chords repeatedly until you can play               them in succession with accuracy and ease.

    2) Intro, RH melody

French Children's Song

    1) Measure 1, RH:  Keep fingers rounded, especially pinky

    2) Measures 1-4, RH:  Roll on repeated notes

Gallop (D. Kabalevsky)

    1) Entire piece, LH:  Play with dynamics

    2) Measures 1-2, RH:  Circle wrists like a smile, crescendo to G, hold G

    3) Measure 1, LH:  Play with slurs, grouping notes in 2's.

    4) Measure 9-16, RH:  Staccato

    5) Measure 11-12:  Play with tapping

Happy Birthday

    1) Melody in C Major:  Play LH accompaniment

Jingle Bells

    1) Melody in C Major:  Play LH accompaniment

    2) C Major, LH Chord Practice:  Play these notes many times with a soft lift

    3) C Major, HT with chords

    4) C Major "Oh What Fun" section, HT

    5) F# Major, HT

    6) F# Major, Tricky Part 1, HT

    7) F# Major, Tricky Part 2, HT

Lightly Row

    1) First note, RH:  With rounded fingers, roll wrist as you play with curved pinky

    2) Measure 1, RH:  Balance on pinky, lean on pinky, wrist makes a rainbow motion,            connect all notes, roll on repeated notes.

    3) Do-Sol, LH:  The wrist makes a rainbow motion

    4) Mi-Sol, LH:  The wrist makes a rainbow motion

Little Playmates (F. Chwatal)

    1) Measures 7-8, RH:  Circle wrist

Minute in G minor, BWV Anh. 115 (J.S. Bach)

    1) Measure 1, RH:  Lean on 1st note and repeat 20 times

    2) Measures 1-2, RH:  Lean on 1st note and decrescendo on the last 3 notes

Sonatina in G Major, Moderate (L. Beethoven)

    1) Measure 1, RH:  Rotate wrist on grace note pattern

    2) Measures 7-8, LH:  Detach quarter notes and lift on last note

Twinkle Variation A

    1) 4th Finger Position, RH:  Every time you play the 4th and 5th fingers, rotate your            wrist slightly

Twinkle Variation B

    1) C note, RH:  Copy hand position, wrist motions and dynamics

    2) Long note wrist motion, RH:  When you play the long note, make sure to move the           wrist up and down.

A Whiter Shade of Pale

    1) Measures 1-8, LH:  Play with accurate fingering

Piano Music

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