A vital part of making 

beautiful music 

on the piano


proper technique

Using proper technique to play the piano will help prevent physical injury and gives pianists more control over their playing.  The techniques listed below act as a guide for all pianists:

          - Back is straight

          - Feet flat on ground or stool

          - Sit on the front half of the stool with body weight shifting slightly forward

          - Body movements are fluid

          ​- Round hands and fingers

          - Melody is louder than accompaniment

          - Steady tempo

          - Correct fingering

          - Correct notes

          - Wrists move smoothly 

          - Phrases are shaped by dynamics

          - Breathe

Technique is only one of four elements required to make beautiful music on the piano. Please refer to the Philosophy page for more details about the other elements in LIFT.

Piano Technique

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