“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.” - Shinichi Suzuki

All students will be taught with the larger goal of developing sensitivity, memory, discipline, musicality and joy. This approach views the child as greatly influenced by his or her environment and thus parents and teachers can enrich the child's development in many ways. The parent immerses the child in music by playing a lot of music for the child and taking him or her to live musical performances. Bathe the child in music and the child will soak it in. The parent also attends the weekly lessons and helps with practicing at home. The teacher guides both parent and child through this process through the mother tongue approach. For more information, please read this.

AAA Club
Students are welcomed to join the AAA Club, where they master 10 pieces of music and play them from memory.  The goal of the AAA Club is for students play these pieces Anywhere, for Anyone, at Anytime.  Once students have mastered these 10 pieces, they may invite friends and family to a AAA Club Recital.  At the AAA Club Recital, the student plays the 10 pieces and then everyone celebrates with a cupcake or ice cream party.

Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit is a series of evaluations sponsored by the Music Teachers Association of California.  This rigorous set of exams tests students in five areas:  music theory, ear-training, sight-reading, repertoire, and technique.  There are 11 levels to this examination.

Summer Music Camp

Students may attend the yearly summer camp hosted at Barbie Wong Music Studio. Students learn about different aspects of music in a fun, hands-on way, and explore topics beyond those in class.  Music camp topics have included historical periods of Western music history, the convergence of art and music, composers, piano history, and world music.  Camp activities include arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, listening to music, student performances, and many other hands-on activities.  Read Barbie's Blog about music camp.

Barbie Wong Music Studio offers a variety of programs to engage, encourage, and enrich students' musical experiences.


Students perform in two formal recitals a year. Recitals are wonderful opportunities for students to master their pieces and perform for an audience.  Students also perform regularly for one another throughout the year during group lessons.  These informal recitals give students a chance to practice performing  in a more intimate environment.

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